Chaos, Control. Chaos, Control.

Deep breaths…you’re okay…you’re in control…“>http:// You’re less than six degrees of separation away from Ethan Hawke…because you met him at your street’s block party. No lie, I honestly met Ethan Hawke at my street’s block party. He was chilling … Continue reading

World Bipolar Day – All the Pretty Colors

Came upon a post by Lazarus and LithiumĀ (thanks to blahpolar) informing me that today is World Bipolar Day. I filled out this questionnaire about my life with bipolar disorder, and encourage others to give it a go as well. 1. … Continue reading

Depression Wolf Chomp

If you didn’t notice, I use the Oxford comma. I am a big fan of the Oxford comma. I do not comprehend why people think that discarding the Oxford comma is okay. The omission is nonsensical, rhythmically disruptive, and aesthetically … Continue reading