Finally Happening

Well guys, it’s finally happening. I got a job at a small marketing company nearby! I’m going to be an account manager, but will be doing a lot of copywriting, which is just what I want. Tomorrow is my first day! And after putting myself through $9/hr at Bread Co. for 10 months, any decent salary is very welcomed! I am anxious about this job, but super thankful; and because of what I’ve been through for over a year, I will have more perspective than I did before. The office is also pretty close to my apartment, so I’m stoked about that.

I have a huge to-do list with the money I will finally be making. Pay off my credit card, buy new work shoes (my current ones are literally falling apart), start paying off my student loan from that one semester of grad school, find a therapist (FINALLY), and hopefully have time to do voice lessons. I met with some people today who want me to do a lot of video editing for them, so I’m not sure if I’ll have time for voice lessons. I knew I was going to have the meeting with them, but I accepted the marketing job anyway, because full-time is not yet guaranteed for the video editing. If I didn’t get to start working full-time soon, I was going to start panicking. Like I said, I’m really anxious about starting this job, but more excited that I’m employed again and will learn a lot and get some valuable experience.

I REALLY hope that this turns out to be the right thing for me and that I can do a good job. But again, I have a lot of perspective this time, which will hopefully keep me positive through the inevitable trials of work. I’m already feeling better about myself, but also a bit more anxious than usual and eager to fill my bank account a bit. It’s that common sensation where the closer you get to something, the more impatient you get for it. I just have to hope the next few weeks go by quickly and nothing terrible happens. I hate this sense of dread that pops up and doesn’t let me just be happy.

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