Endless Wish List

Okay, so, I feel bad for venting about how much my husband hates his job. Like, it definitely bothers me some days, but his experiences are valid. We went to his holiday work party last Saturday (I know, it was way too early in the season), and his coworkers definitely seem to feel similarly to him. There are just some days when the employees have way too much on their plates, and they get very stressed. It sounds like they need one or two more claims reps to make the load more consistent. But really, if you heard my husband talk about his job on one of his bad days, you’d understand why I really want him to get a new one.

It’s Thursday and the guy from that marketing agency hasn’t contacted me yet to schedule a second interview with his hiring manager. I am checking my emails constantly. In the meantime, I am applying to more jobs and half-patiently waiting for the right one. I’d be ecstatic to be a full-time copywriter somewhere and get the experience I need to make a good career. I have an interview tomorrow for a temp job as a Communications Specialist at a school, which I’m not crazy about, but it would give me experience.

With all these thoughts about getting a job, I’m going crazy looking at clothes online that I want to buy for work. I just don’t have the money to buy them right now. I did just get a new cream colored wrap sweater to wear over a tank top and it looks really good, but now I need the perfect black tank top to wear under it. This happens every so often–I just want to buy buy buy. Usually I have the funds for it. Not this time. And with Christmas coming up, that’s a problem. But my husband gets his bonus in December and we’ll be past the financial hump of November, so I’m already writing down what I want to get everyone for presents.


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