I just can’t wait to be Queen.

I’m like, 90% sure I’m almost not jobless anymore. On Wednesday, I had a good interview with a guy who owns a small marketing company in St. Louis, and he emailed me yesterday that he wants me to meet with his hiring director after the midterm elections. So, I’m hoping some time mid next week, I’ll get a job offer. Why he wants to wait until after the elections, I’m not sure. The promising thing is, the hiring director is his wife, the person who connected me to him. The guy also works a lot (on a contract basis) with one of my good friends whom I used to work with. I’d be doing a lot of copywriting, which is what I want, but also account managing and video editing. This seems like the perfect opportunity for me and I’ll be crushed if something goes wrong.

I am so eager to become financially stable in my own right, so that I can take some stress off my husband. On most days, he handles everything very well, but on some days I can’t stand how negative he is about his own job. He is making enough money to support us, but at the same time he will call me after getting off work and many days will say his day was horrible. And it’s because he hates working claims. It’s just not the right job for him, he loathes it. He doesn’t have ANY problems with coworkers, his boss, the work environment, anything. It’s just that he hates working claims. If a claim is particularly difficult to close, if the claimant is hard to work with, he has a horrible time. I always tell him, if you aren’t able to close a claim, it’s not your fault; it’s the customer’s fault. That doesn’t help him feel better at all.

I understand that I don’t know everything he goes through, and I’m not saying I’d do any better at the job. But I get sick of the bad days. He is just dying from this stupid job. So I cannot wait until we’ve saved enough money to allow him to change jobs and perhaps take a pay cut. He’ll get his bonus in December, then in January find out what kind of raise he will get for the year. Maybe the money will keep him there. But if we’re financially stable enough and he keeps bitching bitching bitching about this stupid damn job, then I’m telling him to find something else and just take the pay cut. It is very tiresome for both of us that he has so many horrible days at work. Something about his personality just can’t handle it, or at least, will never thrive in it. So I can’t wait to be able to put my foot down and say we have enough money for him to find something else.

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