rip wilbur

My poor Wilbur Rat died this past Wednesday. He developed a respiratory illness very suddenly (at least, it seemed sudden to me). I had no idea that I would lose him this soon. His brothers and I miss him terribly. As you might imagine, I cried a lot after I came home from work to find him dead. I was in complete shock, because I thought the antibiotic from the vet was going to save him. My boyfriend dug a hole for him in the backyard and I was bawling as I held my baby. It hurts so much, because he was perfectly fine just weeks ago. All I wanted was for him to go back to his normal, playful, curious self. But he never did. My heart is broken, and my other two rat boys seem heartbroken too. I no longer have my three musketeers. It is just awful. I called Wilbur my Easter egg, because he had a white body and a black head, as though he was dipped in paint.

Rest in Peace, Wilbur. You are the cutest little angel ever. We miss you so much and our family is incomplete now.


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