First Post Challenge – Back to October

Thank you to my lovely friend Duchess of Prunes for nominating me to write about my first WordPress post. This will be a nice segue into, you know, actually blogging again! It is good to reflect upon where you began and what inspired you to take the plunge and spend several hours in a day setting up your own personal blog.

Copy-paste, link, pingback (or whatever way you want to) your first post.

Midnight on October 11th

State what type of post that was – for example: introduction, story, poem.

Hmm, best described as a rather offbeat, meandering preamble. One can’t help but feel the need to be polite and do some sort of introduction.

So, instead of going into an undistorted description of myself, I dissected my blog title and annotated the words “Hazelnut” and “Pie.” Doing so with drifting details, I thought, would adequately allude to my personality. My long-distance boyfriend, to my surprise, actually loved it. He is quite intelligent and hard to please, so his praise meant a lot to me. Without his prestigious affirmation, I might not have continued.

Explain why that was your first post.

October 10th was a meaningful day on which to commence my blog. A big reason why I decided to start writing here was that I wanted to “work” on myself during my time apart from my boyfriend, to whom I am very attached. I was making a list of how I would get through the year without him, which led to the realization that his being gone allowed me the time and space to write. I had the epiphany that finally, I was not writing essays for professors to critique. I could write for myself, as a leisure activity, and that felt wonderful. October was the proper month for me to begin, because not only is it my favorite, but it is probably the best month for my brain chemistry. The 10th of October was an acknowledgement of our 3 year anniversary, which is technically on October 11th. I guess that I wanted to put a whimsical twist on an otherwise sulky time.

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