Sunday the Seventeenth…

You Know I’m in a Good Mood When…

I’m happily spending a Sunday afternoon on Pinterest.

In a way that is relevant to myself, it makes sense that the word Pinterest refers to “interest.” If I’m on Pinterest, that implies that I am interested in things. This is a sign that I am not in a depression phase. When I am depressed, I am not interested in anything. My brain doesn’t feel like consuming and processing any external information that, in a happy or balanced state, would positively absorb my attention. Movies, books, tv shows, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…none shall pass. When I’m depressed, I feel like sleeping all the time, because there’s nothing worth thinking about when I’m awake. There are no good thoughts in my head that I can contribute to the world in any capacity of its existence, because my consciousness is half-dead. And not dead in a romantic La Vita Nuova way. More like, Pompeii victim dead.

Whilst I am posting here, I want to announce that tomorrow is my 23rd birthday. I usually don’t care about birthdays but 23 is my.favorite.number. 23 is THE number. This is all I have had to look forward to in my life. jk (kind of) but seriously. I normally wouldn’t care whether or not I get any goodies or presents for my birthday, but this year I’m like YOU MUST BUY ME A TOP-QUALITY CHEESECAKE. I even had my parents buy me a bitchin vanity at a vintage store yesterday. This is important to me. I’m in Blaire Waldorf mode.

I have anxiety about Year 23 because this is it, and it’s going to go by too fast. All birthdays after this will be depressing, because I’ll never be my favorite number again. So if someone could do something special like buy me a unicorn for my birthday, it would be much appreciated.

And it really is a beautiful vanity, I’ll have to post a picture at another time.

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