It’s the Simple Things

I do not allow myself to go a day without reflecting upon atrocities happening in the world. Well, it’s not that I force myself to reflect, it’s a natural habit. Whilst I am sitting comfortably writing this blog post and drinking coffee, someone is getting tortured to death. If I were to choose a huge cause to stand behind or lead, it would be to end the infliction of torture. Too broad? Of course! We are dealing with such a diverse range of mental entrenchment. People who inflict torture often think they are justified in doing so, based upon ideologies that obviously are in conflict with the wellbeing of others. The world is just a big clusterfuck of a bunch of clashing ideologies. “Evil” ends up being so much more subjective than we want to think.

The “simple” pleasures in life that we often speak of are not simple at all. Our enjoyment of these “simple” things is the result of, well, a whole lot of luck, I think. I often feel a sense of pride in living in a country where certain ideologies allow me to revel in these simple things. But I didn’t earn this. And people who live in communities defined by oppressive ideologies did not earn that. They are victims of the ideology in conflict with their wellbeing. There was no choice. If we who live in privileged cultures don’t feel a little bit guilty every time we use the term “simple pleasures,” I think there’s something wrong. All of our lives are running parallel to each others, on the same timeline, but we measure our lives in different ways. Such as, in coffee spoons.

When we say something like, “I have measured out my life in coffee spoons,” we ought to think about how people who don’t get to drink coffee every day are measuring out their lives.

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