So Many Selfies

LESS than a week until my beloved boyfriend is here for a visit! And I’m taking time off from the office to devote to him! Wahoo! It’s gonna be so great! This long distance relationship is frustrating, but we’re fighting through it. Slowly but surely.

We send each other a lot of selfies on a daily basis…Just as little reminders that we’re thinking about each other and stuff. By the way I don’t do Snapchat, and I am committed to my “smoky violet” Blackberry. No iPhone for me! And a few months ago, I purchased a Blackberry exactly like the one I have, but it has never been used! It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever gotten in the mail!

Favorite boyfriend selfie from this week:


He looks really sleepy, but I’m not joking he’s the cutest guy in the world.

Favorite selfies I’ve sent him this week, all from work:

pretty selfie sarahprettyyyy

work selfie

Well, looks like I’m pretty consistent with my angling, expression, and mundanity.

Selfie I sent him today, not in the best mood obviously:

moody selfie

Well then, this post got sufficiently vain, didn’t it? And yeah I know I look way younger than 22. Whatcha gonna do.

And as a fun little bonus, here’s a picture of my rat Stanley eating Chipotle:


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