A Little Loopy, Maybe.

I feel like I never purely like anything anymore. With anything that I happen to like, there are about ten things about it that I don’t  really like. TV shows, movies, books…everything has too many things that I just want to pass over. The things can be as trivial as a character’s facial features, a depressing relationship, a color scheme, etc. Nowadays, lots of people “binge-watch” shows on Netflix, and lots of people can sit through movie after movie after movie. I can’t do that. I can hardly sit through one movie. I can’t concentrate long enough to get satisfaction out of a book. Even listening to music can be difficult. It’s not that I can’t appreciate things, it’s that I can’t tolerate things sometimes.

I think that if I had more friends in the area, I’d be able to watch more movies and shows. I can’t really watch things by myself for some reason. Some girls from work and I were talking about getting together to watch Love Actually...maybe I should go to the effort to make that happen, but I’m afraid that it will end up not happening, and then I’ll feel depressed. God knows I’m not going to watch Love Actually by myself, even though I like it. The last movie that I was able to watch by myself was A Clockwork Orange last year. I watched it about every night during Christmas break. The year before that I watched Lost in Translation several nights in a row.

Wait, I’m totally lying about all of this. A few months ago I was watching a lot of Oliver Reed movies by myself. I obsessively ordered a lot of Oliver Reed movies from Ebay. The best ones are hard to come by. Quite a few good ones used to be on Youtube, but were recently removed. A few days ago, I found Written on the Wind online, but I found myself skipping a lot of it because I was only in the mood to watch Dorothy Malone’s scenes.

Okay, why am I going on about this? I think it’s because I keep wanting to watch some episodes of Gossip Girl on Netflix, because I used to like that show. But the only thing I really like about it is Blair Waldorf, so how could I bear wasting my time watching the other, uninteresting characters?

I guess that a show that never totally fails me is Hey Arnold! I got my Netflix account two years ago solely because I felt like watching Hey Arnold!

What I would really like right now is to watch Scott Pilgrim vs. The World with my aunt and uncle. I also want to bake Russian Teacakes with them. I made this quite clear, but I don’t think that it will happen. I’m trying to re-create some nice things that happened once upon a time, because that’s something that we all like doing every now and then.

Brownie batter sounds excellent right now. I am suddenly getting my appetite back, after quite a few months of having hardly any appetite. I got take-out panang curry for lunch on Friday, and I completely demolished it.

I have a male co-worker who gives off a distinctly Afghan Hound vibe, even though he doesn’t have long flowing hair.

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