Depression Wolf Chomp

If you didn’t notice, I use the Oxford comma. I am a big fan of the Oxford comma. I do not comprehend why people think that discarding the Oxford comma is okay. The omission is nonsensical, rhythmically disruptive, and aesthetically unappealing.

This week, I tried to figure out why people are so in love with Taylor Swift. A coworker kept sending me links to her newer songs this morning, and none of them were close to my standards of listenable music. Should I even be talking? I listened to “Perfume” by Britney Spears many times this week. Ugh, I can now confidently say I don’t like Taylor Swift. Yay for that. I hate that I am writing about her right now.

My mood and, consequently, self-esteem, won’t stop vacillating. Hypomania and depression have an unfailing correlation with my creativity, and creativity correlates with self-esteem. I guess some people are uber creative when they are depressed, and they write depressing songs and depressing poems and whatnot. Not I; my brain hardly functions when depressed. Chomp, chomp, chomp, goes the depression wolf that’s always stalking me. What a creep! Okay, so which comes first? Does the natural drop in creativity cause a Depression Wolf Chomp, or does a natural Depression Wolf Chomp cause a drop in creativity? And then does the increase of creativity cause hypomania, or does hypomania cause creativity? Well, I think I know the answer, but I can’t help asking.

What is my dinner tonight? A few bowls of Rice Krispies. ^_^ I see that they are called Rice Bubbles in Australia and New Zealand, can anyone confirm this for me? Along with Rice Bubbles, I walked to FroYo. Of all things, FroYo in December! The air was tranquil. No, I am not a healthy eater and I indeed have a daily calorie deficit, but no such deficit in sugar intake. I want my hair dyed a new color.

Today really felt like a Friday. Concentration was shot by about 3:30, and I was way too bubbly. I told my boyfriend I need him here very badly to absorb some of this energy. How would he do that, you ask? Wild and crazy sex, that’s how.

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