True Things About Clarinets and Stray Dogs

It’s a pale grey day. Very pale, indeed. At least the air is not too cold; I was even thinking about walking to Left Bank Books to look around, then get more coffee on the way back. Oops, I guess I shouldn’t have already put my pajama bottoms back on. I have to go out later anyhow to pick up a prescription. Although making a bookstore trip might be nice, I’m probably more content staying in. I already had a good afternoon writing session at Starbucks; then I bought apples, milk, cereal, and stew at the grocery star. I’m all set. And although I like the idea of looking for a new book to read, I might just read this short novel called True Things About Me. Reading the cover, it seems like the subject matter and style will be helpful for me to absorb. Conveniently, I found a Christmas present for one of my grandmas at the grocery store: a glass angel playing a clarinet. She has an angel collection, which I contribute to every year. As a plus, I also played the clarinet throughout high school. I still play every once in a while, but not formally. I miss playing in orchestras, but it’s just not for me anymore. I think the clarinet has a very golden sound. I’ll never forget stepping into a puddle of spit that came from the french horn player behind me. Funny enough, years later I found out he and I were attending the same college, in the same major. Great having a hungover cinematographer on the set of my friend’s senior film.

The sky is blurry today, but not pouring rain like yesterday. I was driving a coworker home, in the rain, and he was talking about how he was hungry for dinner and planning to go out. Well, it makes sense to go out on a Friday, but it’s so dark already! How can you have energy to do anything? I stopped for coffee after dropping him off; I was so tired. I know that if my boyfriend were here, we would go to a pinball bar or a movie, but since I don’t have anyone I just retreat to my room. Gloomy, I know.

This past week was a bit stormy for me at work, which I won’t get in to, but overall I guess I was happy. I ended up buying a big stuffed bear for myself at a pharmacy store. That sounds like an odd thing to do, but the bear (Bruno) is extremely comforting. He’s soft and a perfect cuddling size. Yes, thanks for picking up on my loneliness. I’m not blogging for any particular reason right now other than my head is clear.

Funny thing happened at work; we were all going about our business when we heard screaming and barking across the street. We looked out and saw a man running for his life, being chased by two snarling pitbulls. He was running right in front of traffic. Our head designer quickly helped the man escape the ferocious dogs by letting him into our studio office building, and he was bleeding badly. Apparently the dogs came out of nowhere, and we later learned that they had bitten a total of five people that day…two of them small children. The authorities captured the dogs after following them into a yard, presumably of the house where they live. Apparently the house belongs to a police officer. St. Louis has too many depraved, irresponsible pitbull owners. They often train the dogs to be aggressive, and are abusive and neglectful. Those people make me angry. I volunteered at a dog shelter in the city a few summers ago and most of the dogs were pitbulls. Shortly before the Michael Brown verdict was announced, the founder of the shelter expressed his fear for the safety of many dogs. While it is a relief that the two pitbulls were captured, we are disturbed to think that they are most definitely goners.

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