Healing for St. Louis

I could feel the holiday spirit on South Grand this evening as I was driving home from work, and not just because city Christmas lights are starting to pop up. A lot of people were out and about, which I found odd at first…it’s never that bustling at 5 p.m. Then I realized they were all boarding up their shops and restaurants…but happily. I saw people hugging and smiling and helping each other. Everyone’s afraid that rioters are going to strike again tonight. Business owners on South Grand certainly have cause to be fearful after some of the vandalism that occurred on their street last night. I felt holiday spirit as I watched all these people boarding up their buildings, not only because of their countenances, but also because many of them were painting beautiful murals and peaceful messages on the newly erected plywood. People are sad to have to take these defensive measures, but they are making the choice to simultaneously ask for peace and healing in St. Louis. This is the most beautiful plywood exhibit I have ever seen.

Welp, that’s just a small inside scoop from a girl in St. Louis. I have no idea what the future will hold, but I can tell you that I don’t think we need to be pessimistic. Oh, and to all the white people who automatically brought up MLK in response to the riots, that is pure condescension. I first noticed this trend at about 2:30am (woke up randomly) and then saw all the MLK-related tweets and statuses pouring in throughout the day. I’m glad you’ve been getting called out on this today. It’s not your place to tell people how to handle their anger…anger that you can’t relate to. It’s damn pretentious to try to shame them by saying they’ve disappointed MLK. You certainly do not have to condone violence, but you probably should shut the fuck up. Go paint a fucking mural or something.

Just my opinion, yo.

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