Macabre Animation

I think that I made a smart decision by stopping for some decaf coffee on my way home. The best part about drinking coffee in the evening is that I’m no longer drinking it out of necessity. No more staying up late writing essays! Yes, I have adjusted to post-graduation life just fine.

My boyfriend and I are going to purchase a ticket for him to fly here for January 4th-January 10th. We have determined that this is the only time we can manage to see each other, so I’m hoping my boss responds that I can take vacation days that week. I will seriously cry if he gives me any problems about my request. This long distance relationship is difficult, and if I feel like anyone will prevent me from enjoying his visit I will freak out. I am very sensitive about my situation, so I cannot tolerate any resistance right now. I’m already downhearted that he can’t spend Christmas or New Year’s with me. I can hardly explain how I am mentally reacting to all this.

As far as I am concerned, I had a good day at work. Pretty productive, since I managed to edit a solid cut of the company’s film reel in a short amount of time. My first conversation with my supervisor this morning was kind of strange. Sorry that I don’t even remember the context of this dialogue…

Me: I am the most genuine person you will ever meet.

Supervisor: I believe that!

Me: Haha, that was a lie.

Supervisor: Really? I took you for being honest!

Me: No; don’t you see the irony here? I lied about being genuine. I was making a joke.

Supervisor: Ohhh I didn’t get that, but now that you explain it to me, that is ironic. 

Me: You’re so gullible.

Supervisor: Or maybe I’m just trusting.

Me: Great, you’re making me the bad guy right now and I was just trying to be funny.

Supervisor: You don’t like being called out, do you?

Me: No one does.


All right, so if you experience hypomanic states similar to mine, maybe you understand how sad it is that I come across as overly genuine, yet am uncontrollably putting on an act. All the time. I am happy, but in a way that someone like my supervisor wouldn’t understand. So what happens when he calls me out…

Last night, although I was tired, I ended up getting out of bed and eating Froot Loops at midnight. I love Froot Loops, which is why my little cousin actually associates me with that particular cereal. Whenever he comes over, he expects to find Froot Loops.

Thank God for hypomania. A few weeks ago, my supervisor asked those of us on the film team to think about a possible Christmas animation video we could make. I was not here last winter, but the film team & design team collaborated to put together a fairly simple animation. Today, an exciting idea came upon me whilst I was peeing, so I told my supervisor about it. He laughed, and thought I was just trying to be funny. I said, no, I was very serious about the idea.

Supervisor: Wellll, it’s very creative…but I don’t know…I’ll think about it.

Okay, so I’ll be honest that the idea is weird. And dark. And not the kind of thing the company usually does. I kept pestering my supervisor about the animation video throughout the day, all in good fun. I decided to tell another coworker the idea, and he truly loved it. Then I got support from yet another coworker! Yay for people who can appreciate morbidity! I don’t want to explain the whole concept here; I’ll just say that it involves a whole lot of Christmas cheer and a whole lot of dismembered human body parts.

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