The Halloween Sweater

By and large, I am not one to covet other girls’ clothes or their physiques. I know my personal style and am happy with it. Sure, it’s not a style that gets a lot of notice (at least not that I’m aware of), but it’s mine. In the spring and summer, I wear a lot of peter pan collared sleeveless blouses, because I like the whole little girl look. I wear Keds every single day of the year. The only jewelry I wear is a necklace with a tiny silver heart that my boyfriend gave me two Christmases ago. I paint my nails purple frequently, and I have quite a bit of purple in my wardrobe; people do actually notice that. ^_^

And I like sweaters. I have a lot of sweaters. This is a blessing. In my closet, I have the peter pan collar sweater that I wore for picture day in first grade. I have kept my favorite sweater from fifth grade, which is pathetically threadbare but the comfiest thing I own although my 22-year-old self cannot wear it.

Every once in a while…I covet other girls’ sweaters. Like this past Halloween. Oh my goodness. I saw this sweater and I wanted it just as badly as Madame Medusa wanted that diamond.


Yeah, that’s exactly what I looked like when I saw this unparalleled October sweater. And sorry I’ve used that picture of Medusa before. It warms my heart each time I look at it. To understand how much Medusa warms my heart, think about what drinking hot chocolate after shoveling your driveway post-blizzard feels like. Hot chocolate with marshmallows, in your very favorite mug. If you don’t like chocolate, then have it your way and think about soup. If you’ve never lived in a place where you experience blizzards, I don’t know what to tell you.

On Halloween, I was in the Flying Saucer Starbucks, by St. Louis University, because that’s seriously my happy place and I don’t care what hipsters think. The people at this Starbucks are super nice to me, a heck of a lot nicer to me than most people at hip locally owned coffee shops. I won’t support your business if your employees act pretentious and unhappy that they have to serve me coffee. As un-hip as I am, I am a paying customer and I feel awkward if your facial expression reads, “You’re a loser and don’t deserve to be here.” Um. How about, you don’t deserve to serve me your shitty coffee.

Anyway, on Halloween, I was in the Flying Saucer Starbucks by St. Louis University. Flying-Saucer-StarbucksThat’s what it looks like.

And as I was waiting for my coffee, I saw a sweater, worn by a girl. The girl wearing the sweater is inconsequential. I just wanted to rip that sweater off her and put it on myself. It was a very special Halloween sweater. It was black and comfy, and had a beautiful Halloween design on the front of it. I could not see the whole design because the girl was sitting on a stool at a bar facing the window and I could only see her right side and a bit of the front. So unfortunately I cannot describe it in full, but I spied a black cat & a pumpkin, and I could tell that the sweater was basically perfect.

I am willing to be kind of creepy when it comes to gawking at people’s sweaters in public.

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