Happy All Hallows’ Eve ^_^

So. Which martyr did you celebrate today? Since the word “Canterbury” has been in my head, I went with the little boy in the Prioress’ Tale who, due to his devotion to Mary, suffered a slit throat…and was flung into a cesspool and defecated upon. Creepy part of this story? He still speaks and sings throughout his funeral…because Mary put a pearl on his tongue. Anyway, this Chaucer tale just always stuck out to me because of how creepy it is. Halloween is about being morbid, right?

Well, handing out candy at my boss’ house was a success! And Stanley was a perfect little rat for me the whole time. Definitely scared a few of the moms. Apparently in St. Louis, kids have to tell a joke to receive candy. I had been on the phone with my boyfriend, and he was still on the line when a group of children came to the porch. They all told the cute little jokes that kids tend to tell, and I was just like “oh…funny.” When I put the phone back to my ear, my boyfriend was like “What kind of weird midwestern thing is going on over there??” Weird midwestern thing, indeed. Favorite joke of the night?

Me: Hi little boy, do you have a joke?

Little boy: Yes, it’s about pizza.

Me: Okay, what is it?

Little boy: I can’t tell it, it’s too cheesy.

Come on, folks; that was pretty good. Here are Stanley and I after our outing ^_^


I am probably not writing great right now because my feet are super cold and my head feels numb. But I have to write down something that I found funny today at work, before I forget. I was conversing with the same girl who was intending to go to the “apple party,” and I revealed that I once choreographed a four-person interpretive dance to “The Sound of Silence” and performed it in my college’s basketball gymnasium. She said that she wanted to build a time machine solely to travel back to that gymnasium to see me dance. Well, it was a shining moment of my college career. Gotta love that Creative & Expressive Movement course.

I have observed that Google acknowledged Halloween charmingly today. Here, I’ll show you. Because I’m a loser and I care too much.







Well, I thought it was cute.

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